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Fully Automatic Rewinding Machine

  • Fully Automatic Rewinding Machine

Product Description

The machine adopts advanced servo motor system, which greatly improves the speed and stability of the machine and further improves the production capacity.
When the set length is reached, the paper tube is automatically loaded, the roll is automatically changed, the roll core is replaced, and the cutting and blanking are performed.
This machine adopts PLC human-machine interface, frequency converter control system, LCD touch screen, high degree of automation, easy to operate, and basically does not need maintenance.
One person can operate 2-3 machines to reduce labor cost.
This machine is mainly used for wrapping film, PE film, PVC film, industrial film, food film, etc.
Width of parent roll: Max 500mm
Core diameter of master roll 3 inch
Diameter of main coil: max475mm
Sub roll width: Max 500mm
Sub roll core diameter 1.5/2/3inch
Sub coil diameter: 300 mm (max)
Rewinding speed: 1000-2000m / min (max)
Voltage: 220 / 380 / 415V 3Ph
Power 5.5kw
Boundary dimension (mm) 2050x1200x1650mm
Total weight of machine: 1000kg

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